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  The above title refers to the February Excellence Magazine article on our Silver-Blue 9ff GTC.

The GTC is a conversion offered for the 3.4 Liter 996, with enhanced performance, handling and braking. Components are offered individually, as well as in a complete package. You may also upgrade to 3.6, 3.8 or 4.0 Liter displacement.

Consider this the modern day Club Sport model you cannot buy from Porsche.

It has reduced weight, improved camshafts and air intake, tuned exhaust headers and free flow Sport Cats. The aerodynamics have been dramatically improved by fitment of the 9ff Frontbumper/Spoiler and the 9ff GT2 look Rearwing. The 3.4 version produces 337 hp, while the 3.6 and larger versions have not yet been dyno tested. The 3.6 has an estimated 360 hp. The 0-100km (0-62mph) time for the 3.4 is reduced to 4.7 secs.

Best of all, you can save much of that money you would spend to buy a new Porsche. You can enhance the one you already own, or you can buy one used at a reasonable price & enhance it.

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