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944 Fuel Line Hose Fix

Also please note our Fuel Line Hose Fix is now available for 911C 3.2 models as well.

All 944 and 924S models have rubber fuel hoses that are routed up & over the hot engine. From the pump and tank at the rear, fuel flows through metal lines under the floor along the right side, up through the right fender well & into the engine bay. A rubber hose then carries the supply over to the engine. A second hose carries the fuel back to the tank.

When a hose fails, the result can be a catastrophic fire. The supply hose is usually the first one to leak, as it is under the highest pressure. When it fails, fuel sprays onto the hot engine. Whoosh!


Click this photo for more examples of this type of loss.

The early (8 valve) 944 models (1983-1988 944s, all 924S's, 1986-1989 944 Turbos) have hoses that are permanently crimped to their metal lines. (Later 944 S2's & 968's have replaceable sections of hose.)

All rubber hoses eventually fail. Now that these vehicles are at least 15 yrs old, they should be examined at every service. If there is any sign of hose failure, they should be replaced immediately.

The latest Porsche replacement for all 944 8 valve models is a two-piece metal line with a coupling mid-way. Both the supply & the return lines are like this, and again have the same crimped hoses to & from the engine. The rear supply line cost about $130, the front about $140. The rear suspension must be removed to replace either rear half, and this then requires an alignment be done. Quite an expense for a simple fuel leak.

The short-cut method of repair is to replace only the rubber hose, using hose clamps to secure it.

This is very risky. Hose clamps are designed for low pressure use, and are inadequate for the high (3 bar) supply pressures of Porsche fuel injection.

We offer a safe & reasonable cost solution. Most mechanics can make this repair in just a few hours. It requires cutting the metal line and using a metric flaring tool.


We provide the fittings and a new crimped rubber hose assembly that replaces the original without hassle. Cost is $195.00 for the hose & fitting, $295 for the complete kit with Snap-On flare tool & tube cutter.

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